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Welcome to Elizabeth Spurr's web site!

Happy the child who discovers
at an early age
the joy that every book
holds beneath its covers.
A book can be a friend on a lonely afternoon
a companion that shortens any journey,
a gateway to the world’s wonder and mystery.

Here are ten tips from Elizabeth:

1. Read at least 100  recent children's books before you begin.

2. Write  down your story (don't just talk about it.) Keep it under 1000 words.

3. Don't collaborate. If you are a writer, your publisher will find an illustrator. If you are an illustrator, write your own words.

4. Think visually. You need 18-20 varied scenes. Sketch them with stick figures. (Don't send these!)

5. Attend writing classes at your local college.

6. Find a critic or critique group that you trust. (Not your children!)

7. Attend writer's conferences, especially SCBWI. (The Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators.)

8. Join the SCBWI. Call (323)782-1010. www.SCBWI.ORG

8. Consult your library for Literary Market Place etc. or send for the SCBWI list of children's agents and/or publishers.

9. Submit relentlessly to both agents and editors. Unless you are a celebrity, learn to love rejection.

10. Start another book. And do it now!

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